History of success

After approximately 40 years of professional experience and 25 years in our own business we can now look back on many achievements in breeding and sport.

The number of precious and noble Hanoverian horses originating from our stable is very high, their success is manifold and they excelled both in the field of breeding and in sport.

Horses from our stables earned their merits not only in Germany but also in international show rings, in State Championships, National Championships, and European Championships and even as winners of Olympic medals.


Among them there are winners of championships, stallion approval tests, stallion performance tests and innumerable horses who have carried their rider from victory to victory - or still do.

There are really too many of them! As is would be impossible to do justice to all of them, we shall mention only a few.

Our story of success goes back to the beginnings of our own career in equestrian sports which was accompanied by such exceptional horses as Dux or Franca and of course the never forgotten Donald Rex.


Internationally successful horses

DUX, sired by Duellant, was one of the big stars of his rider Dr. R. Klimke and won countless medals and titles at many championships.

Among others they won the GERMAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, became three times EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS and won two OLYMPIC MEDALS.

FRANCA sired by Franz: The mare was successful under Hermann Schridde. This perfect team won countless victories in high-jump competitions.


DONALD REX by Durban, was a particular favourite of his rider Alwin Schockemöhle and won the big international competitions at Aachen, Berlin, Brussels, Dortmund and Paris.

Together they became GERMAN NATIONAL CHAMPION in 1967 and won the bronze medal with the team in the 1968 OLYMPIC GAMES in Mexico.



Since the beginning of our business many of our promising young horses passed into the hands of highly qualified riders and started a great career in sport. 

In particular we would like to mention the Fricke family, who rode many of our horses to international success. Everybody will remember Ticino, Ascot and Aramis:

TICINO, approved stallion sired by Traunstein-Winkel: With Antje Fricke he achieved the title of DISTRICT CHAMPION twice, won the STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS, NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS and EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS (gold medal with the dressage team and the silver medal in the single competition). They achieved victories and placements up to Grand Prix Special level, among them 15 victories in advanced dressage competitions.

ASKOT, sired by Abhang II- Abendstern: Under Antje and Fritz Fricke ASKOT became DISTRICT CHAMPION and STATE CHAMPION twice. He finished 8th in the German National Championships and achieved many more victories on the advanced level.

ARAMIS, sired by Atatürk-Aktuell can look back on many victories and placements up to the advanced class with Antje and Fritz Fricke. With Tina Pieper he won the DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS and STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Apart from DANDELION, Tanja Traupe's first really successful horse, who achieved victories and placements up to the advanced class and WOLGAFÜRST under S. and Ph.Ch.Becker, with victories and placements up to INT I level, we should also mention some sons of Western Star, who were particularly successful:

WESTERNGLANZ by Western Star-Smaragd, with victories and placements up to INT I.

WESTERN SONG approved stallion by Western Star-Gardeoffizier, among other titles he became STATE CHAMPION in the class of four-year-old riding horses in 1991 in Hanover with Holger Kubelke.



JONGGOR's WEYDEN (on the right), approved stallion by Western Star-Grande: In 1988 he was the most expensive horse of the stallion approval tests in Verden. Sven-G. Rothenberger and this wonderful stallion won many victories up to Grand Prix level.

On top of that they won the OLYMPIC SILVER MEDAL with the team, and the BRONZE MEDAL in the single competition. In the WBFSH ranking JONGGOR'S WEYDEN was best dressage horse in the world.



Bildauswahl von Jonggor´s Weyden ...
RICKMER (PLATINA by Pik As xx) became CHAMPION OF HANOVERIAN JUMPING HORSES on the Dobrock horse show under P. Teeuwen. His merits include victories and placements up to the advanced class under Anja Rietbrock (picture on the right) and J. Löhden.

LIONS CLUB sired by Lehnsherr-Wladimir: Victories and placements up to INT II under H. Schiergen and Nadine Capellmann.

COOL-MAN by Calypso II- Grenadier, was successful with victories and placements up to the advanced class under Joachim Winter.

CROCKET by Calypso II-Grenadier, was successful up to the medium class and achieved many victories and placements under Joachim Winter.



Karin und Herbert Rehbein had a close relationship with many of our horses. Herbert discovered quite a lot of promising and later on successful dressage talents. Karin was the rider of GAG, a son of Graphit-Cypern born in 1978, with whom she was very successful up to the level of INT II.

Photo: Karin und Herbert Rehbein /Donnerhall


Today Karin Rehbein is very successful with DOMANIO by Donnerhall-Wohlan. Because of his countless victories and placements up to Grand Prix Special and Grand Prix Freestyle he is at present the most successful son of the "legendary Donnerhall".





Pony Riding

Among the ponies that were successfully ridden by our sons up to the German Championships we would like to mention ZARIF, STRETCHY (on the left), TRELORD NELSON and  BENJAMIN A All of them have achieved titles in championships (some of them more than one).  v






Breeding and rearing

While focussing on breeding and rearing we attach particular importance to the rearing of young stallions. 

Among them we'll find names already mentioned, such as TICINO, WOLGAFÜRST, WESTERN SONG, RICKMER and JONGGOR's WEYDEN as well as LEMON PARK by Lemon xx - Darling, 1989 HLP-RESERVE WINER of the stallion performance test (Celle State Stud) and his son LEMON STAR by Lemon Park-Traunstein, 1993 RESERVE WINNER OF THE STALLION APPROVAL TESTS at Verden, the World Cup - Son WORLD CLASSIC and WORLD CHAMP (Warendorf State Stud), WANDERSTAR, a son by Wanderer-Gotthard (Scotland), as well as HERO by Hohenstein-Weltmeyer (covering station "de Havikerwaard", NED) und PYATT CHARLY by Charly Chaplin-Anduc (Florida) or our present stallions DON MARCELLO by Donnerhall - Matcho xx and the absolute CHAMPION OF THE STALLION PERFORMANCE TEST 2000 WILD DANCE by Wolkenstein II - Matcho xx.



Last but not least the "small ones" ...


But even the very young ones have already been in the limelight and have carried home victories on foal shows and championships:

HONORE´, colt by Hohenstein out of Warkante by Warkant was the SHOW WINNER in 1997 at Luhmühlen and Medingen and participated successfully in the first Championship of Hanoverian Foals.

Colt by Friedensfürst


DER CHAMP, colt by De Niro out of Warkante by Warkant was the 1999 WINNER of the second Championship of Hanoverian Foals during the German National Championships in Verden.

DARK DREAM, a breathtaking filly by De Niro-Weltmeyer was voted WINNER OF THE SHOW in 2000 on Klosterhof Medingen (photo on the left).


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