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The following stallions will be available for you in the present covering season:

  • Don Marcello 

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DON MARCELLO      <pictures>

Chestnut, born 1996, 165 cm stckm.

A son of the legendary top dressage stallion "Donnerhall" and of the state premium mare Merci, he was admitted to the breeding programme of Hanoverian jumping horses. This flashy eyecatcher is a real show stopper and has the most precious blood lines in his  both on sire's and on the dam's side. 

"Donnerhall" and "Matcho AA" - both names guarantee for top quality and top prices..


DON MARCELLO, a copy of "Donnerhall", but with Anglo-Arab refinement, is an extraordinary charmer with a lot of charisma.  


With a markedand well-positioned neck and noble exterior he impresses by excellent basic paces, a good feeling for rhythm and dynamic movements. 

Characterised by a very good ridability and an exemplary sound nervous disposition he also convinces over the jumps, which he handles with great care, a fast leg and a good jumping capacity.  


DON MARCELLO, this stallion has the "special something" that everybody is looking for. He will be another highlight to the dynasty of the world champion "Donnerhall", passing on true type and ridability to his descendants.


DON MARCELLO is recognised stallion for Hanover.






Covering and insemination of mares

For covering we only accept healthy mares after previous notification. A swab test is required that was performed in full oestrous no longer than two months ago. 

This does not apply to mares accompanied by foals after normal delivery.

The covering is performed after previous follicle check-up by a veterinary surgeon and after presentation of the swab test result, the "covering certificate ("Deckschein"), which lists all mare-specific data and a copy of the parentage verification. 


Boarding mares/boarding rates

For boarding mares there is a limited number of stalls available. The daily rate is EURO 7,00 for mares without foal, and EURO 8,00 for mares accompanied by a foal. Please advise your requirements by telephone at least two days before the arrival of the mare (+49 4138 335). After the covering act the mare should be taken home no later than one day after receipt of our notification. 

Covering fees

DON MARCELLO, natural covering: EURO 770,00 

Upon request you will be provided with fresh semen of WILD DANCE. The semen will be forwarded against prepayment of the covering fee. The forwarding expenses will be invoiced separately. 

For natural covering/fresh semen insemination the covering fee will be due after the first covering act/insemination. The insemination procedure will exclusively be performed by a vet. 

The costs for the vet will be invoiced separately. 


By placing the covering order the owner of the mare will agree to the above terms and conditions as well as to the general conditions applying to the covering of mares, issued by the Association of Private Hanoverian Stud Farms which are available for inspection at the covering station. 

All quoted prices are inclusive of VAT.